Cost Involved In Making A Pilot
Commercial Pilot License Training - Cost and Training Period
Amended Information as on Jan. 1st, 2014


The Commercial Pilot License Training is conducted in two parts:
Part 1. Ground Training
Part 2. Practical Flight Training.

Part 1.
Ground Training is conducted by The Skyline Aviation Club, the cost and training period can be found from the literature provided on backside of Admission / Application form attached

Part 2.
Practical Flight Training is conducted by Flying Clubs / Flight Schools (The admission to such Flying Club / Flight School in India either or abroad can be arranged by The Skyline Aviation Club upon request from the student on completion of Ground Training Course). There are altogether 41 Flying Clubs or institutes in India. Thirty three are privately owned, (of which 20 are subsidized and 13 are non-subsidized) seven others are state owned and one, Rajiv Gandhi's brainchild, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Academy at Raibareli, an autonomous body under the central government the list of which is printed in the "Aviation Career Information and Guidance Section of this prospectus and there are number of Flight Schools abroad. The Skyline Aviation Club is affiliated with well known Flying Clubs and Flight Schools in India, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Necessary admission and visa can be arranged for foreign countries. In India the cost and training period for Commercial Pilot's License vary for subsidized Club and non-subsidized Flight School. For example following are the latest information re-printed for your kind information.:

Approximate cost for flight training at Subsidized Flying Club and Non Subsidized Flight School:

Cost of flight training per hour is Rs.9000/-. Cost of PPL training of 40 hours is Rs.3,60,000/- and duration is 6 to 8 months. Cost of CPL training of 200 hours is Rs.18,00,000/- and duration is 12 to 15 months. (Provided students have already completed Aviation Ground Training for PPL, CPL and RTR and passed DGCA and WPC Government of India exams).

Fees for practical flight training are payable on hourly rate to the Institute/Flying Club providing facility for practical flying. The total cost of flight training depends on which aircraft the candidate flies. The rate of fees per hour is different for different airplanes. For example, the present subsidized rate of fees for an imported trainer aircraft viz. Cessna-152-A is Rs.9000/- per hour. Hence the total cost of training of 40 hours for private pilot's license comes to about Rs.3,60,000/- which can be paid in 3 to 4 installments or as the candidate flies the airplane.

Practical Flight Training Abroad:
After completing the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate Ground Training Career Course with SKYLINE, the student can join any of the best flight training schools in United States of America or in any other country. The Skyline Aviation Club maintains records of flight training institutions located in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Sri Lanka & South Africa. Students joining the American Commercial Pilot Certificate Ground Training Career Course will be assisted in selecting the best foreign aviation schools affiliated with SKYLINE.

On completion of training course, the Club will provide all relevant information for further practical flight training and upon request of student, the Club can arrange for admission to one of the best foreign flight training schools and provide counseling services for Passport, Visa documentation, Visa Interview Preparation, Medical Insurance and Travel arrangements.

Practical flight training is completely individual-based training, it is not time-bound; after completion of the theory course, a student can start his further training at any time as and when convenient to him / her. Practical pilot training is on part-time basis; so the candidate can do it with his / her regular study or job.

Fees Structure for Practical Flight Training Courses Abroad:
There are around hundreds of flight training schools providing practical flight training facilities in the whole of the United States of America. The cost of practical flight training and living expenses differ from school to school. Largely, it depends on the selected school, the state it belongs to, because the economic / tax structure differs from state to state in the USA. Again it differs on selection of various professional pilot package courses available. To quote the lowest fees structure for a package to complete the commercial pilot certificate practical flight training with our affiliated flight school is as follows:-

Flying Vikings Inc. Hayward, California, USA.
Duration : 9 Months, Total fees: US$ 40,000/- + Living Expenses: US$ 6000/-

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